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How to spot them:

- Bedbugs are small (1/8”), brownish, flat, oval insects that feed on blood from live hosts.
- Most commonly found in beds, hiding in seams, and crevices of the mattress, box spring, bed frame, and headboard. Also found in picture frames, dresser drawers and behind wallpaper.
- A severe infestation leaves behind a sweet odour (similar to strawberries), molted case skins and dried excrement spots on mattress sheets and seams.

Potential problems:

Mobility: Since bedbugs are found in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, dormitories, shelters and on public transit, they’re easily transported via luggage, clothing, bedding, stuffed animals and furniture.

Resilience: Bedbugs are difficult to eliminate since they can survive for several months, even if there is no host for them to feed on.

Physical irritation: Since bedbugs feed on blood, they prey on a sleeper’s exposed skin. Their bite often develops into an itchy, hard bump with a whitish centre.

The IPM solution:

- Bedbug extermination requires a minimum of two professional treatments of insecticide and/or extreme heat, applied two weeks apart.
- During each treatment, residents are asked to vacate the premises for at least 4 hours.
- You will likely see bedbugs for up to two weeks as a result of eggs hatching.

Prep before IPM visits:
- Strip the beds and launder all linens in hot (120F) water.
- Empty dresser and night table drawers and place contents in plastic bags.
- Reduce clutter.
- Vacuum mattresses, carpets and perimeter of the rooms, then discard the vacuum contents into a sealed trash bag.
- Purchase a zippered bed encasement if you are keeping your mattress.

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