Bed Bugs

Oh, those pesky little bloodsuckers! Find out what these creatures are and how to eradicate their existence from your home.

What are they?

Bedbugs, scientifically named Cimex lectularius of the cimicid family, are parasitic, blood-sucking insects. Like a typical cimicid insect, these bugs are light-brown in colour with an oval, flattened body. They may be tiny but are easily spotted by the human eye.

The term “bed bug” came from their preference of habitat — beddings, mattresses, sofas, and other warm areas. These bugs can survive through a wide range of temperature.

These blood-sucking insects usually “attack” at night; and their human host won’t feel a thing. They prefer the exposed skin of their host — face, neck, and arms. Their bites aren’t painful and noticeable right away. The host would feel the itchiness slowly developing. In most cases, a reddish, mosquito-like bump would appear on the skin.

Bedbugs can be hard to detect as they’re mostly active at night. These bugs tend to feed on one host several times before they move on. The host wouldn’t even know that their skin has become a feeding ground!

There can be health risks involved when you’ve got bed bugs infestations, such as skin rashes and allergy symptoms. Not only do these bugs affect your health, but they can contribute to mental stress.

Pest Control Prevention – Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are a growing problem. Unfortunately, you cannot easily prevent them from entering your house. You won’t even know that you might be bringing them in from outside. These pesky bugs stick to clothes and luggage, and then transform your house into their own nests.

A severe infestation leaves behind a strawberry-like odour, molted case skins, and dried excrement spots on mattress sheets and seams. Also, check dark crevices in the corners of your walls and beddings. These are the usual places where a group of these insects live.

The best solution is to seek the help of experts to control and eliminate bed bugs infestation in your house.


IPM has trained Bug bug exterminators who can assist you with these Bed bug infestations. If you feel that your house is invaded with these blood-sucking creatures, consult with us to find out.